I travel to people’s houses, on behalf of Colourtrend. I could go to five or six different houses in a day when I am doing colour schemes — Google Maps is like my best friend! Colourtrend and myself go back a long way. I have always used their paint. The colour you pick is the colour you get. It’s great quality paint.

At the weekend, I would travel around the country for them as well. I would go to their retail stockists and do in-store colour consultations.

The rest of the time would be my own private work — full interior design service and colour consultation as well. It’s a full-on schedule but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“It’s not about what’s in or out, it’s about what works. I look at what will do the most for the room.”

But it’s planning for a decorating project that she maintains is key to the successful use of colour.

“Colour is a comparison, If someone says they want grey, I show them a blue grey and a cream grey. One is drab, the other is warm. Living in Ireland we have enough drab with our weather.

“Keep looking at your colour choice; carry it with you and see what it’s like next to other colours. Gather a piece of floorboard and fabric and see how they all look together and don’t copy your friend down the road.”